Did he say his name? George Floyd

Yesterday on the occasion of George Floyd's funeral I was interested to know what President Trump might have had to say to us about George Floyd. Did he say his name?

To find out I decided to scroll through his Twitter posts from yesterday since that's where he publishes all his grand orations, uplifting discourses, epic insights, valedictories, and the like. The consequential stuff of his presidency that will eventually fill the groaning shelves of his presidential library. Surely there I would find a eulogy to Mr. Floyd that would bring me to tears. 

But no, I couldn't find a single tweet from him all of yesterday that even mentioned George Floyd's name. And it wasn't that he was so busy with the affairs of state that he didn't have time. No, there were many tweets, but look as I may, he didn't say his name: GEORGE FLOYD. 

But he did announce to the world that he'd hired a polling organization to investigate polls that showed him losing to Joe Biden. Mr. Trump thinks they must be fake polls, so is funding a witch hunt into the pollsters. So a pollster will investigate the pollsters for him, kind of like how the police investigate the police. Just make sure it's your own money you're wasting, Mr. Trump. 

And he tweeted about the 75 year-old man who was pushed over backwards by police in Buffalo, NY and cracked his head open. Mr. Trump said he fell back harder than he was pushed so it was an obvious setup.

Then he tweeted three times in a row the tweets in the screenshot.

#MAGA, one day, some day
First, despite on many occasions having claimed to have already made America great again, he valiantly cried out in all caps "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN". I thought it was already "Mission Accomplished", no?

Oh, no wait, second thoughts; we're now in the REAWAKENING phase. (When exactly was the awakening phase, by the way? I guess I must have been asleep for that chapter. Or perhaps could he be referring to much of America suddenly and finally being "woke" to racism in America?)

Hang on, third thoughts; it's the TRANSITION phase.

So sorry, Mr. President, but time is up! I for one am not waiting 2000 years for your Second Coming. You're fired!


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