Conflating the Good with the Bad

Protest against police violence - Justice for George Floyd, May 26, 2020 12
Good people, let's be careful not to conflate people protesting a just cause with those who are taking advantage of the situation and looting and rioting. It doesn't even matter which side of the political spectrum these bad actors are from, but claims of them being of the right or the left will also be used to divide us into warring tribes rather than a nation. Don't be played by the rioters and some political leaders who basically want to divide us in a race war.

People are right to be angry over the killing of George Floyd. And the desire to protest it peacefully is just and righteous. I am with the protestors, but against the rioters and looters.

Just remember that without protests women would not have the right to vote.

Without protests, black Americans would not have many basic civil rights.

Without protests, gay men would still be criminals and locked up in jail.

Without protests, South Africa would still be ruled under apartheid.

Without protests we would not be living in a democracy.


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